Noel Irby

    02.02.17 |

    Here is the testimony of one of our members here at Faith, Noel Irby. Through this story, we see the faithfulness of our Lord and the effect of Christ's saving work in a believer's life:

    "2016 was a milestone in my life: sixty years since I graduated from Wichita Falls High School.  By the time I was thirteen I had lived in two states and I remember ten different places of residence.  WFHS became the eighth public school I attended.

    "An even more meaningful event also happened sixty years ago.  On February 19, 1956, I trusted Pastor M. Young Tucker to raise me safely from the baptismal waters of Faith Baptist Church (then located at the corner of Abbott and Thomas).  An Easter message by our first pastor, A. J. Kennimer, Jr., began to open my eyes to the fact that it wasn't just soldiers who were responsible for Jesus' crucifixion.  I was shocked to realize that I was involved, too.  When I repented of the sin that separated me from God, I entered those waters that represented Jesus Christ cleansing and covering me with His loving grace.   My dear Savior and Lord has been faithful throughout the years.

    "Thank You, Jesus, for loving me enough to provide that ransom for me and for placing me in this family of believers.  I was thirteen when I first walked through the doors of Faith Baptist Church and I had no idea that sixty-four years later I would still be walking (with the help of friends and a metal walker) through its doors.  I am so grateful for my church family.

    "Thank You, Lord, for the two women of Faith who invited me to Sunday School.  Thank You for Katie Dimock, whose son’s home had been the place of meeting until Faith Baptist constructed its own building) and who welcomed me into her girls' Sunday school class.

    "Thank You for the time You let me work with the unassuming nursery worker who not only loved our nursery babies, but cared enough about me to really listen, advise and offer encouragement.

    "And I am grateful that I was blessed with the friendship, love and guidance of a gracious lady, Nell Childs, whose ministry to our 4's and 5's touched many families and truly inspired me in working with preschoolers.

    "Lord, help us to follow the examples set by so many dear saints in our past.  May this church and its people truly reflect and glorify our God.  In His most blessed name...


    Noel Irby