Worship Through Giving

Worship takes place in many different forms, whether it be through music, listening to the Bible being preached, or through giving of ourselves to the community around and within the church. However, another way that we worship is through the giving of our finances. James 1:17 tells us that every gift and blessing is from God. Knowing this, and also acknowledging that we as believers are stewards of His money and resources (Psalm  24:1-2), we are encouraged to give back to God what is rightfully His as an act of worship and understanding that the Lord is in control. 

Give Quickly and conveniently

Online Giving

You can give online by clicking on the picture and following the link to the designated website. By signing up to give online, you have the option to schedule automatic giving times. In this way, you are taking steps to ensure good stewarding of the finances God has given you.

Text Giving

Giving through text message is now available! To contribute, text "FBCtxt" and the amount you want to give to 73256. When you make your first contribution you will need to set up your account information, which will be saved, so that future contributions will be quick and easy. This option is available for general budget contributions only. Set up your account here!