Missions at Faith Baptist are critical to functioning as a biblical church. If believers in Christ are not serving others outside their church, we believe they are missing an important part of their growth in Christ. Believers cannot simply breath in God’s Word, attend church, and then never breathe it out through serving others or they will become stagnant and die. Although we live in a fast paced world, Empty Self is vital to our spiritual health and becoming more like Christ.

Below is a list of ministries that Faith Baptist supports through prayer, finances and members serving with their time and talents:

2019 Mission Trips


Destination: Denver, Colorado

Dates: July 12-21, 2019
Team Size: 10 to 25
Approximate Cost: $350
Team Contact: Jeff White ( )
Trip Description:
Youth (completed 7th - 12th) and family mission trip to Denver, CO to work with Via Church (Rudy @ Cindy Garza) to reach people for Christ. Leading a VBS type event and block party are the main focus of the trip.

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Destination: Jinja, uganda

Dates: July 28-August 6, 2019
Team Size: 3 to 12
Approximate Cost: $2840 (minus 15% for church members)
Team Contact: Jeff White ( )
Trip Description:
Serving with Heart for Uganda and the Ostermann family. Encouraging the Ostermann family and seeing ministries happening daily through Heart for Uganda is the focus of the trip.

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Destination: Dnipro, ukraine

Dates: September 12-23, 2019
Team Size: 4 to 15
Approximate Cost: $2325 (minus 15% for church members)
Team Contact: Larry Shields ( )
Trip Description:
Serving with IMB Missionary, Joe Ragan, and Campus Crusade to spread the gospel through ESL classes. Training will be done for those with no ESL experience. These classes have been helpful tools to reach people for Christ and involve them in a local church.

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Ben Milam Elementary 

PIE Partner – serve the staff and students in various ways throughout the year.


Faith Mission & Faith Refuge


The Center


Church Without Walls


Camp Chaparral


Baptist Student Ministry







VIA Church: Rudy & Cindy Garza - Denver, CO


Josh & Lisa Arrington – Vancouver, Canada (NAMB)


North American Mission Board (NAMB)



jeff & carson white - Malawi (Sim)



Chisomo Idea – Malawi


Bright Vision Orphan Care – Malawi


Klint & vicki ostermann -uganda (Heart for uganda)


Chris & Meegan Weaver - Papua New guinea (ETHNOS 360)


Joe Ragan – Ukraine (IMB)


International Mission Board (IMB)


If you want to get involved in any of these missions opportunities, please contact Jo Ann Larimore, Associate Pastor of Families & Missions at