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Sep 10, 2017 | Craig Lile

A Biblical Look at Following Christ

Acts 14:1-20 is a good evaluation of how we are doing as Christ-followers. Disciples of Christ can go through the 12 biblical observations I make this week from these 20 verses, putting a check or a minus by each one based on how we are doing, allowing us to see what we need to work on. If you understand, are pursuing and doing relatively well on 9 or more of these you can thank God for the grace He has extended to both deepen and build Christ-likeness in you. If you understand, are pursuing and doing well on 6-8 of these you are certainly more than a passive believer. You show signs of pursuing genuine Christ-likeness. If you could only check 2-5 of these than allow the Lord to convict your heart with a need to reestablish your life priorities anew. If you only checked that “ministry doesn’t always result in their finest hours” that just means you are human. I would worry if you only checked that one. 

This humbled me and it will humble you. It goes without saying that none of us are the Apostle Paul. But it should refocus us on what believers in Christ should live like and pursue.



A Biblical Look at Following Christ

Acts 14:1-20

Pew Bible Page 602


Biblical Observations About Disciples

       - They speak in “___________ a _________” that people are saved.  Verse 1; I Corinthians 2:1-5

      - They seek miracles to confirm Christ and His ___________________.   Verse 3

 - Thus, they use the spiritual __________________ the Holy Spirit assigns them, rather than seeking powers to impress people.

 - They will remain somewhere for a season, not because of a good situation, but to strengthen others in difficulty or persecution.

 - They invest heavily in select people that God places in their lives.

 - They confront with absolute truth rather than compromise with culture.

 - Ministry doesn’t always result in their finest hours.  Verse 11

 - They offer a message leading either to salvation or to__________________________.   II Corinthians 2:15-16

 - Their message ____________________ rather than _________________crowds.  Verses 19-20

 - They accept that crowds are easily swayed.  Verses 19-20; Luke 23:20-23

 - Following Christ can result in personal ________________.  Verse 19

 - They embrace God’s ____________ for them . . . regardless of good or painful experiences!  II Timothy 3:10-11

Our Response to Christ’s Call to Discipleship



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