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Nov 04, 2018 | Craig Lile

Back From Betrayal

All of us have or will experience the deep pain of being betrayed by someone we have invested in, trusted, cared for and loved. Betrayal can begin a negative series of patterns and responses that wound us spiritually. So how do we come back when we have experienced the pain of one or more deep betrayals? Jesus is our example and the Word shows us the way!


(Howard E. Butts, Jr.)

Back From Betrayal 

Various Passages

Personal Ownership   Romans 3:23

Own the fact that you’ve been betrayed.  Denial is not a way out.

Own up to the fact that you are a “________________________” too!

Recognize that allowing your experience to make you bitter can become a barrier to your trusting God and the empowerment He has for you through Christ.

Power of Humility  

Philippians 2:5-9  The “Kenosis”/_____________  ____________ 

King David’s Experience

Practical Steps

Try, then trust.  God doesn’t expect us to “leap into nothing.”

Trust in the counsel of others who have tested God, found Him ___________________________, then moved from that to trusting others.

Accept the fact that despite our own untrustworthiness, Christ trusts us!

If He can trust us, can we not trust “untrustworthy” others  . . . carefully?


John 15:14-15 – Everyone has betrayed Jesus, yet He condescends to call us “__________________.”

Let His trust of you enable you, with all your scars of betrayal, to start your way back from betrayal by ________________________  _________! 

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