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Dec 02, 2018 | Craig Lile

Christmas and Waiting

Luke 2:22-38

Christmas and waiting seem to go together. Some adults start counting the days until next Christmas,beginning on December 26. Children can’t wait for Santa to come each year. We all anticipate special events and get-togethers. But Christmas should serve to heighten every Christian’s anticipation of Christ’s return. In Luke 2 we will look at two very interesting characters who lived in anticipation of the coming of the Messiah. During a ceremony Mary and Joseph were attending with Jesus in the Temple the Holy Spirit revealed to Simeon and Anna that Jesus was the one they had prayed about and looked forward to. Jesus, the Messiah! Jesus, the Savior of the World! Indeed Jesus came! And every Christmas should still find believers eagerly awaiting the return of Christ again! 


Christmas and Waiting

Luke 2:22-38

Pew Bible – Page 560

Simeon and Anna were both “looking for” (verses 25, 38) the coming Messiah.  The Greek word meaning is “alert to His appearance, and ready to welcome Him."

Simeon – Waiting for _____________________

Anna – Waiting for _________________________________

Some Things to Do While Waiting

Direct your thoughts toward ___________________________ rather than doubting. Verse 33

Walk in the __________________ rather than the flesh.   Verse 27

Share the ____________  ____________!   Verse 38

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