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Aug 06, 2017 | Craig Lile

Christ's Church, Many Parts

The church that Jesus Christ established and empowered through the Holy Spirit is on display in the book of Acts. And though Christians often feel insignificant in God’s big schemes we each have a crucial part. Our calling, relationships, maturing, gifts and timing under all under God’s perfect plan. He uses us if differently than we can fully grasp or imagine, but all beautifully interwoven if we follow Christ and make Him supreme in our life and pursuits. Acts 11:19-30 is a beautiful picture of this.


Christ’s Church, Many Parts

Acts 11:19-30

Pew Bible Page 601

I. A Jewish Jerusalem and Gentile Antioch  Verses 19-21 

Antioch was the __________________ largest city in the Roman empire and was an international commercial center. 

God had prepared the recipients and the messengers for the large response that took place.


 II. Barnabas and Paul Verses 22-26

There is a pattern in Acts: the unknown works and leaders are examined by established spiritual _____________________________. 

Barnabas’ ministry of encouragement is connected to his Christian character as a “___________ man . . .”  Paul ranks the relational impact of _____________________ above righteousness in Romans 5:7.

Paul (Saul) had been quietly serving God around Tarsus for about 10 years.  Galatians 1:21

The Gentile Christians spoke so abundantly of Christ that the common terms of “disciples,” “saints” and “brothers” were replaced by “___________________________.”


III. Prophets, Evangelism and Finances   Verses 27-30

The gift of prophetic speech (same as Old Testament prophets) allowed the new church to __________  ________________________ from God.

The Jerusalem church shared the gospel, and now the Antioch church would share finances.  The Jerusalem church would become less while the Antioch church would  become dramatically more powerful.


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