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Jan 12, 2020 | Craig Lile


Luke 17:7-10

The more we learn of Christ’s expectations the more we struggle with following Him. In Luke 17 this led the apostles to say to the Lord, Increase our faith! In response Jesus taught a parable in verses 7-10 that is tough to grasp. But once we let our hearts receive its truths, it is filled with life and gives answers to a sure and growing faith throughout our lives. It is not what you would expect. It comes down to slaves and master, the Lord and disciples, clear roles, obedience and humility!!!

Luke 17:7-10 Pew Bible – Page 572

The Master’s Expectations Verses 7-9
Verse 7 - Jesus began with a question, expecting a negative answer. The proper attitude toward self: No _________________________ or _______________!

Verse 8 – Jesus asked another question, expecting a positive answer. The proper attitude toward service: Duty to a master is the servant’s priority at ______________ times and circumstances!

Verse 9 – Jesus asked the third question expecting a negative answer. The proper attitude toward the master: No __________________ or _______________________ expected.

The Servant’s Motivation Verse 10
Jesus moves from master and slave to Lord and disciples… “In the same way . . .”

The slave of a master is to do everything commanded, considering service their _______________ in ________________.

Jesus; “In the same way…” Verse 10
What are my Lord’s expectations?

How does my ______________________ before Jesus motivate my expectations and experiences in life?

What is my perfect example before God and people? Christ’s ____________________! Philippians 2:5-11

A disciple embraces the truth that God is the Ruler who has granted grace/favor, meaning humans have an obligation to ____________ with ____________________.

A non-disciple believes humans rule over their own lives, meaning God has an obligation to ____________ and _________________ humanity.

Disciples submit to the Lord’s role and rule over them, resulting in obedience with humility, which increases their ability to live by ________________ throughout their lifetime.