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Dec 31, 2017 | Craig Lile

Confident In The Future

We all live anxious and afraid. The enemies of America are growing in strength and violence. Gangs and terrorists kill innocent people. The threat of a medicine resistant epidemic looms. There are the threats of economic collapse, political revolution and natural disasters. What is 2018 going to hold? Psalm 27 gives some absolutely incredible keys to experiencing the Lord and confidence needed for our dark days.


Confident In The Future

Psalm 27  

Pew Bible – Page 297


We Summon Confidence Through Remembering God’s Help In The Past.  Verses 1-3

- David could and _______________ can remember God’s deliverance.

- Christians can and _______ should remember God’s deliverance.

- Rather than hoping the worst never happens David instead visualizes his deepest fears that could happen.  David next reveals God’s key to peace.

The Key?  Our Greatest Peace Is Not Through God’s Deliverance But _______________ In His _______________________.   Verses 4-6

- Dwell

- Gaze

- Seek

As We Struggle Daily Between God’s Presence And This World’s Dark Events We Must Wait For God’s Perfect Will and Deliverance.   Verses 7-13

- Regardless of our closest human relational hurts God will always ____________ for us!

- And regardless of what our darkest human enemies do, we are guaranteed __________ with the Lord!


______________ ON THE _____________!   Verse 14

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This Christmas Season our advent theme is Believe!