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Jun 09, 2019 | Craig Lile

God Chooses, Saul Chooses, David Wonders

1 Samuel 16

Christians must take heed when we stand lest we fall. We are instructed in scripture that when believers are weak then we are strong in Christ. King Saul and God's chosen man to be king, David, are vivid illustrations of these principles. This chapter gives wise caution and great instruction regarding pleasing God and the blessings that result from God’s pleasure.


God Chooses, Saul Chooses, David Wonders
Samuel 16
Pew Bible Page 151

Textual Study

Verses 1-13 God Chooses David

God allowed (in His preceptive/permissive will) the people to have Saul, the king of their choice. He regretted it. With Saul and the people’s tendency toward __________________ revealed, God proved His sovereignty (His decretive/perfect will) in selecting David as king to fulfill His perfect will.

After 7 sons of Jesse were disqualified one by one (verses 5-10) David was singled out by the Lord and anointed by Samuel. Later he became king over Judah (II Samuel 2:4) and then over Israel (II Samuel 5:3).

Verses 14-23 Saul Chooses David
As God’s Spirit entered David, that same Spirit left Saul.

Saul began to be “tormented” by another kind of spirit. “An evil spirit” can be translated “a spirit _____ ________________________ (or disaster).” Perhaps this is what King David is thinking of in Psalm 51:11.

Saul could only find relief in music. God arranged David as the musician so he could be introduced to the palace of the king.


Be careful when evaluating and appointing leaders for service. We should neither depend on nor question our abilities. It is one’s heart the Lord sees.

- God often chooses and uses the _____________ __________________ to fulfill His perfect will.

- Like the Apostle Paul, we should learn that it is when we become ___________ that we become strong. II Corinthians 12:9-10

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