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Apr 07, 2019 | Craig Lile

God's "Anointed" To Deliverer

Jesus is the promised “Messiah” of the Old Testament and the “Christ” of the New Testament. Both titles mean “the Anointed One of God.” In I Samuel 11 Saul is the “anointed” king/prince who delivers Israel from her enemies; a type or pattern of Jesus! This chapter gives us great insights into our enemy and God’s Holy Spirit, as well as how a healthy terror of God can produce mighty results and righteous anger stirred by the Holy Spirit. So much truth is found in these 15 verses!

God’s “Anointed” To Deliverer
1 Samuel 11
Pew Bible Page 148

Textual Study
Verses 1-3 Deliverance Needed

Nahash and the Ammonites advanced against the city of Jabesh.

The Jabesh elders asked for 7 days of grace, and Nahash agreed.

Verses 4-11 Deliverance Sought and Granted
Saul’s special concern for this community probably came from ancestral ties he held.

Saul’s success was based on the necessity in verse 6.
- The _________________ of ___________ moved him.
- He responded with ________________________ anger and action.
- He moved in God’s timing.

Saul stirred Israel’s “terror of the Lord,” assembled 330,000 soldiers, marched all evening, and attacked the Ammonites just before dawn, resulting in an overwhelming victory. II Chronicles 14:13-14; II Samuel 23:3; Psalm 19:9

Verses 12-15 The Deliverer (Re)Confirmed
Saul, the anointed and chosen Prince and King-elect of I Samuel 10:1, 24, would deliver the nation from its enemies and shame.

While the election of Saul as king at Mizpah was _______________________, his coronation at Gilgal “in the Lord’s presence” was ____________________.

1. Just as Nahash was content to either kill or _________________ Israel, Satan is constantly seeking to “kill, steal and destroy” God’s creation. John 10:10
2. We must always wait on the Holy Spirit. Then we must respond and act with God’s heart (whether with compassion or anger, grace or judgment).
3. We need to understand the difference in sinful or righteous anger.
4. Jesus is God’s __________________________, the eternal King of Kings!!
5. We are to respond to Christ’s command to “make disciples of all nations” through evangelism and discipleship. Matthew 28:18-20

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