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Mar 15, 2020 | Craig Lile

Jesus, Love and Life

The book of I John transitions in 3:10 from remaining in Christ and righteous living to remaining in Christ and love. These verses especially focus on love between Christians. It is a topic believers need to heed!

Jesus, Love and Life
1 John 3:10b-18
Pew Bible – Page 665

Textual Study
Verses 10b-11 Jesus Is the Source of Love
The person who does not choose to love other Christians is not ____________________ or energizing their life in Jesus and His commands.

Verses 12-15 Hate: Its Source, Results And Impact on Christians
Cain murdered Abel because he was living his life sourced in Satan. His murder originated from evil which was based on jealousy and hatred.

Believers are to expect hatred from the _________________, which is energized/sourced in Satan and his cosmos (I John 2:15-17).

“We/Christians (Verses 14)” have been saved/justified from the penalty of sin (John 5:24). We know (experience, realize, are assured of) our salvation through our love for other believers.

Choosing hatred is murder, in that it is sourced in a desire to ____________ oneself of another, or to impact the _____________________ of their life.

Verses 16-18 Love: Its Source, Results and Impact on Christians
Jesus and His sacrificial love is the standard for believers.

Love sourced in Jesus is tested by believers’ reactions to meeting the ______________________ ________________ of other believers.

The proof of love is not merely verbal assent, but following through with actions defined by truth.

Accept, and then be urgent to share the simple gospel message of Jesus. His righteousness and our sin, our relationship with Him, and the centrality of love are key components of the gospel.

Have you believed in Jesus? If you have, are you remaining in Him, sourced/energized to love others as He showed and commanded?

Ask if you are experiencing the deep love and abundant life Jesus offers? Do obedient, joyful and seemingly “blessed” Christians bring out a withdrawal, a jealousy or even hatred in you? Evaluate your deep love and fellowship with Christ, the Father and others.

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