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Aug 04, 2019 | Craig Lile

Knowing Who Our True Friends Are

1 Samuel 20

It has been said that we find our true friends when we are at our lowest point. That certainly is the case with David in I Samuel 20 where we see the diverse reactions of Jonathan and Saul toward David. This chapter also covers the loyal “hesed” relationship shared between God and people and people to other people.

Knowing Who Our True Friends Are

I Samuel 20
Pew Bible Page 154

Textual Study

Verses 1-23 Jonathan and David Affirm Their Loyalty
Verse 1 begins with an expression that connects a series of “_________________” stories in 19:18-21:12, showing the desperation of David’s circumstances.

David sought out Jonathan’s help in ______________________________ both Saul’s and Jonathan’s relationships to him.

Verses 24-34 Saul Affirms His Treachery
Saul thought David missed the first day due to being ceremonially unclean.

On the second day Saul was filled with rage toward both Jonathan and David.
- Saul spewed very graphic words against Jonathan and his mother.
- Saul’s motives were revealed around preserving his dynasty.
- When Jonathan communicated David’s innocence, Saul tried to kill Jonathan
with his spear. Their bond resulted in an action toward one being an action
toward another.

Verses 35-42 Jonathan and David Affirm a Covenant in the Lord
A friendship of respect, mutual devotion, commitment, sacrifice and love was clearly exhibited through bowing, embracing and weeping.

Jonathan and David again affirmed covenants to one another _______________ the _______________ that both would fulfill. (Verses 8, 14-15, 42)


A believer’s unchecked focus on self leads to increasing ______________ and _________________ and is an eventual recipe for disaster!

David and Jonathan exhibited a “__________________” relationship, which includes elements of loyalty, faithfulness, kindness, love, mercy, etc.

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