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Sep 09, 2018 | Craig Lile

Men: God's Design Versus Satan's Schemes

Genesis 2-3

When it comes to evaluating our family in order to seek God and His will, the Word of God is certainly the place to begin.  Unfortunately there are countless voices leading us away from God’s teachings.  We started with God’s design for the family, looking at common misconceptions and biblical directives.  Then we took a look at why families have problems, discovering in the scriptures that it often stems from spiritual and relational breakdowns.  Today we look at God’s design for men, examining His creation of and beginning with Adam.  But we can’t look at God’s design for men without seeing how Satan schemes against God’s plan, using man’s natural weaknesses to tempt him away from God and His will.  It is a study that will hit home and make an impression to every man with a heart that seeks God.

Men: God’s Design Versus Satan’s Schemes

Genesis 2 and 3    

Pew Bible - Pages 2-3

God designed every man and woman with differing strengths to impact this world.  Satan schemes against every man and woman, using their weaknesses to negate their impact.

God’s Design of the Man: God designed Adam with an ability to initiate leadership toward tasks and love toward relationships God entrusted to him.   Genesis 2:4-25

God created Adam with the ability to _____________ and _____________ the garden in which he had been placed.  Verses 4-15

God created Adam with the intent that he ______________________________ in relationship with Him and with the woman.   Verses 16-25

Satan’s Schemes Against Man: In examining the fall of man Satan concentrated on common male weaknesses to tempt Adam.  

Genesis 3:1-12

  1. Adam neither intervened nor took the initiative when Satan tempted Eve.
  2. Adam’s _______________________________ allowed Satan to lead him to eat what God had told him not to eat.
  3. Adam then attempted to cover up his sin.
  4. As a result of sin and the fall, Adam became vulnerable to ongoing ___________that his failure would be exposed.
  5. Adam ultimately tried to avoid responsibility by shifting _________________ and justifying his sin.

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