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Jan 06, 2019 | Craig Lile

Offensive Christianity (2019)

My all-time favorite sermon to preach the past 24 years deals with the reality that Christians are to live on the offensive and as aggressors in the spiritual battles we encounter. There is a supernatural war taking place on earth between good and evil. Every follower of Christ is to engage with the truth that He has already secured the victory. These eternal truths should be the prevailing attitude of every believer.


Offensive Christianity

Matthew 16:13-19

Pew Bible Page 538


I. As a Result of Who Jesus is, Christians Are to be ________________ Rather Than   _______________________.   Matthew 16:13-16

II. As a Protector of His Kingdom, The Enemy Will ____________  __________ When Threatened or Attacked.   Matthew 16:18

III.   Jesus is Going to Win With or Without ___________, but the __________________ of Faith Will Be Great.   Matthew 16:19