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Apr 15, 2018 | Darrell Brown

Rising Above the Negative Influences of Culture

Rising above the Negative Influences of Culture

 Acts 21-22  Pew Bible Page 608

There are four groups in this story:


____________under the Law

__________________________  ________________

________________ who believe in Jesus

The Roman Commander judged Paul to be in a lower _____________than him.

The Jews under the Law despised the Gentiles and hated Paul for preaching that the Gentiles could be ________________.

The Messianic Jews chose to be ________________ and not stand up for Paul.

The believing Gentiles are mentioned in the story but could not be at the Temple because they were not allowed.

How do we rise above the negative influence of our culture?

Admit that we are __________________ of our ___________________.  Act 22:3-5

Admit that there is still some ________________________that needs to take place. Romans 12:1-2

Be careful about how deep our ____________________ runs against people who disagree with us.

Be careful not to ______________  _____________ people who are ______________ from us.

Commit to making a stand for justice, truth and _________________ in a way that honors God.


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