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Oct 22, 2017 | Craig Lile

Salvation By Grace Alone

Ever noticed how much churches fight and split today? God made us all very diverse. And the scriptures are not easy to apply at times. Experienced and aged Christians have generally prioritized things and continued learning what the scriptures teach on a deeper level throughout their lifetime. The elders and apostles of the two key churches in Acts meet in chapter 15 to discuss a major debate over some of the parameters of salvation (I would call that important). In their meeting there are two broad principles, that if applied, would build far deeper relationships in our churches and we make difficult decisions on philosophy, interpretation of Scriptures and such. Enjoy some much-needed words to especially the leaders of our churches today. 


Salvation By Grace Alone

Acts 15:13-35

Pew Bible – Page 603

 I. Confirmed Through Experience and Scripture (Never at the Expense of Love!) 

Theology should be built on ___________________________, tradition, reason and experience.

Peter was the first to speak on behalf of Paul’s side in the matter.  James did not take sides, going against his own preference.  These men both showed a commitment to God’s truth over his own personal preference or _______________.

The great Protestant motto states, “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, in all things ____________________.

II. Resulted in Unified Christians Set Apart From the World

The church leaders listed four requirements for Gentile believers.  These burdens were not essential for ________________________, but for unity.

The “burdens” picture some carrying an additional weight, pointing to a necessity to sometimes give up a freedom for the greater good of all.

Martin Luther – “We are saved by faith alone, but not by faith ___________  ________ alone.”

If a church is placed in a culture that is susceptible to certain temptations than in setting its standards that church should especially be conscientious toward being set apart from the world.

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