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Mar 11, 2018 | Craig Lile

Something For Everyone

Acts is the one book in the New Testament that is classified as a historical book. And yet it is different than secular history in that it is filled with the wisdom of God. Though multiple sermons could be taught verse-by-verse out of this section, we are going to look at some of the highlights as Paul says a last goodbye to the elders in Ephesus before sailing to Jerusalem. There is a word here for those considering and yet not believers, for believers, and for the leaders and elders of churches.

Something For Everyone

Acts 20:13-38

Pew Bible Page 606

I. To Those Considering Salvation  

The two words the Apostle Paul constantly associated with salvation were ______________________________ (toward God) and _______________        (in Jesus).  Verses 20-21

II. To Disciples of Christ

Christians are to live with a lifelong goal to grow in loving Christ and loving others!

-  We need to revive our ministry of _____________________ others!  Verse 31

-  To declare the message of Christ clears us of the ______________ of unbelievers!     Verse 26

-  We must seek to give rather than receive from any and all that are______________     than us!   Verses 35; I Thessalonians 5:14

III. To Elders/Overseers of Christ’s Churches

A key role of overseers is the preservation of true ____________________ in each individual church.   Verses 28-30

The greater our love for Christ and others, the more sorrow, heartache and _____________ become a part of our lives. Verses 31, 37-38


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