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Oct 08, 2017 | Craig Lile

The Good Ole Days? Conflict and Meetings Over Salvation


Most of us tend to romanticize the Bible, sometimes seeing all the good things while ignoring the difficulties that the saints endured. Though the churches in Jerusalem and Antioch were the “megachurches” of their day, and though they indeed were seeing great success with salvations and numerical growth, they still dealt with the everyday struggles that churches deal with today. After a group of leaders from the Jerusalem church came to teach doctrine to new Christians in Antioch, and their teachings found them in “serious argument and debate” with Paul and Barnabas, the result was an assembling of the elders and apostles in Jerusalem for what historians and theologians have come to know as “The Jerusalem Council.” Acts 15:1-12 teaches us about the inevitable conflict we experience in all churches from time to time and how to deal with it. It also teaches us what God settled once and for all, recording extensively throughout the New Testament, regarding what requirements pertaining to keeping God’s law are necessary for salvation.


The Good Ole Days? Conflict and Meetings Over Salvation

Acts 15:1-12

Pew Bible – Page 603

 I.   The Great Divide Leading to the Jerusalem Council  

The healthy and vibrant churches in Acts exhibited both debate and spiritual fruit as they immersed themselves in Christ’s Great Commission.

This debate centered around the deeper issue of Israel, the Mosaic Law and their relation to the _________ covenant.

What some of the devout Jewish Christians failed to recognize was God’s plan to include Gentiles in salvation during the ___________________  ___________ prior to Christ’s coming Kingdom.

Differences and conflict should lead to honest  __________________  which creates opportunities for growth and maturing in Christ.

II. Salvation: Faith and Obedience?  Or Grace Alone?

Many longing to draw closer to God hold an unbiblical belief that God expects them to attain some level of doing better in order to be accepted for salvation by Him.

 Some Christians or churches tend to expect others to ___________________ certain sins in order to be made right with God.

 God speaks through Paul during this timeframe to defend, explain and apply that being justified before God is by faith ______________ in the letter to the _________________.

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