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Nov 19, 2017 | Craig Lile

The Many Moving Parts of Christianity

Paul had spent so much time going around rather than through Asia as he had expected to do, in the first 10 verses of Acts. Paul was told no, dealt with a severe illness, was led to wander all around the perimeter of Galatia, Asia and Bithynia rather than entering them, and then ended up in the unimpressive gateway city of Troas before finally receiving God’s direction to head into Europe rather than Asia. Sometimes Christianity and our understanding of God seems filled with doubts, questions and setbacks. And those times are indeed ordained by God But in these verses we see God uses those sometimes before opening countless doors and moving parts all at once. Acts 16:11-40 is filled with the wonders of all the moving parts of Christianity.


The Many Moving Parts of Christianity

Acts 16:11-40

Pew Bible – Page 604

I. Expanding Into Europe  

Paul and his team met the widow Lydia (“the _______________  __________”) who was a wealthy businesswoman from Philippi.  Her household accepted Christ!  Verses 11-15

 Paul cast a spirit of divination out of a slave girl, refusing to allow Satan to exert supernatural power under the guise of _______________.   Verses 16-24 

Paul led a jailor and his household to Christ, and they then immediately ministered to Paul and his team.   Verses 25-34

Paul accomplished God’s will through demanding an apology from the magistrates who had ordered him beaten and imprisoned.   Verses 35-40

II. Christianity and Moving Parts

Several strategies of sharing the gospel are revealed by Paul and his team.

Demonic powers are real.  Every supernatural power must be assessed and responded to as from ____________ or _________________.

Those we love should be offered the ____________ of salvation we know!

We must develop hearts of ___________________ in our times of darkness.

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