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How Deep Is Your Love

Jun 28, 2020 | Craig Lile

Three Assurances and One Avoidance


Three Assurances and One Avoidance

I John 5:18-21



Textual Study  


Assurance of God’s ____________________ in our lives. Vs. 18


The new nature/inner man within a Christian cannot ________.


Satan cannot “touch/lay hold of/cling to” any part of who Christians are at the core of their new hearts in Christ. 


Assurance of God’s _______________________ on our lives. Vs. 19


A Christian’s new nature and identity in God places them under the sphere and influence of God, in contrast to society’s influence under Satan.


Assurance of God’s ______________________________ in our lives. Vs. 20


The Christian is given understanding and revelation that unsaved people do not have. 


Christians both __________ and are _____ Christ Jesus, who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”


Avoiding all forms of ____________________ in our lives. Vs. 21 


An idol is any person or thing that takes our _____________ and __________________ from God and bestows it on another!


Christians must exercise self-accountability and guard against any and all things that would shift them from Christ and His kingdom toward others and this world!




Receive God’s deep love for you today and respond by confessing your sin, placing your faith in Jesus as Savior and asking for His free gift of salvation. 


If you have professed Christianity but are living in a prolonged state of sin-dominated living and independence from God, please reevaluate whether  through faith you have truly been “born again” as a son or daughter of the living God, with a new nature, identity and heart.


Christians are to live in the knowledge of their relationship with God in Christ, choosing daily to depend on, cling to and walk in Christ!

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