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Nov 12, 2017 | Craig Lile

Who Can I Depend On?

It is said that “misery loves company.” We should feel good then, as we look at Acts 16:1-10. This is not a superhero soaring through their victories. This is a godly saint of God, set to do one thing, and finding himself taking one uncertain step after another as God leads Him on an entire different path. Rather than a gospel to Asia, God redirects a gospel expansion to Europe. It will be the attitude and the heart that will give Paul ultimate victory in the midst of pain, dark, difficulty and stress.



Who Can I Depend On?

Acts 16:1-10

Pew Bible – Page 604

 With Humans . . . Uhm . . . Okay?!?                                           

God softened Paul’s loss/grief over Barnabas by providing __________________.      

Though it followed the Jerusalem Council, Timothy was circumcised. 

       Either . . .

  1.  Paul was forfeiting Timothy’s liberty in order for Timothy to be all things to all people                                       (I Corinthians 9:19-22).
  2. Paul was setting a higher standard for Timothy in his calling to ministry (I Corinthians 9:1, 12b, 19, 23).
  3.  Paul softened the Gospel in order to avoid offending his audience

(Galatians 2:3-5; 5:6; Acts 15).

 II. With The Holy Spirit . . . Uhm . . . He Is Perfect!

Paul strengthened (stepeoō) through doctrine/teaching the churches he had previously evangelized.

 Paul’s goal was Ephesus.   He ended up in Troas.   God expanded first to ___________________________, then to Asia, giving Paul another co-worker (__________________) in Philippi.

 We must understand the Holy Spirit’s guidance when He chooses a method not clear to us.

The Spirit did not guide by visions or articulate words.  He took them step by step using ___________________________________ and things that were difficult, commonplace, ____________ and disappointing.

The Spirit guides the person who has a heart which __________________ and _____________________ Him to guide!

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