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Latest Sermon

Personal Change, Proper Care and a Permanent Community

Craig Lile | February 19, 2017

The world looks very different from Christ, His kingdom and His people. Some churches look much more like the world than like the Lord’s people. Faith Baptist has set some 2017 goals that we have distributed on bookmarks. This description of ...

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2017 Goals And Bible Reading

 Gain insight into how to practically “Experience Faith” this year and take your walk with Christ to a different level. Follow along with us as we go through an introductory daily reading plan that gets you started in some vital areas of the Bible.




Stories from the people

Noel Irby

Here is the testimony of one of our members here at Faith, Noel Irby. Through this story, we see the faithfulness of our Lord and the effect of Christ's saving work in a believer's life

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Our Blog

Defining My Ministry

Darrell Brown | January 24, 2017

  If someone were to ask you what your ministry was, what would you say?  Should this question be reserved for those who “go” or &l...

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Why Do We Suffer?

Craig Lile | January 5, 2017

  The person in rebellion toward God argues that suffering gives clear evidence of the lack of power or lack of existence of a good and loving God who is in control ...

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