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Raising Believing Children In An Unbelieving World

Craig Lile | September 18, 2016

To biblically raise believing children parents must continually address the fallen condition of their own hearts as well as that of their child(ren) in order to train them to move from foolishness to a fear of God.

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Football, Fear, Overcoming and Victory

Craig Lile | September 19, 2016

In high school a varsity football coach had a profound impact on my life . . . in a destructive way.  I could bench press 275 but was a whopping 185 pound offensive and ...

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To Vote or Not to Vote... What does God Expect of Me?

Larry Shields | September 7, 2016

In November’s election, every eligible adult will cast a ballot…at the voting booth or by staying home.   None of us can avoid being partly ...

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