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Latest Sermon

Rising Above the Negative Influences of Culture

Darrell Brown | April 15, 2018

Rising above the Negative Influences of Culture  Acts 21-22  Pew Bible Page 608 There are four groups in this story: ____________________ ____________under the Law __________________________  ________________ ________________...

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Upcoming Events

2018 Bible Reading and Prayer

 Gain insight and power to practically "Experience Faith" this year and rise to a new level in your walk with Christ. Follow along with the rest of the congregation as we follow a daily Bible reading and prayer calendar, both of which are on a quarterly Bible bookmark available at E3 Central in the Worship Center foyer.




Stories from the people

Noel Irby

Here is the testimony of one of our members here at Faith, Noel Irby. Through this story, we see the faithfulness of our Lord and the effect of Christ's saving work in a believer's life

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Our Blog

Anger Expressed God's Way

Craig Lile | April 18, 2018

Anger has been a recognized and culturally accepted issue among many men.  Our culture is now defining “angry women” as a positive contemporary movement.  In my office...

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Reducing Stress In Your Life

Larry Shields | February 6, 2018

  Finding the time to read a blog like this may create even more stress. Being aware of that, I ask you to relax and take a very few minutes to read these short...

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