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Latest Sermon

Anarchy/Judgment – Sovereignty/Hope

Craig Lile | November 10, 2019

King Saul is on a downward spiral. Though externally religious, his heart has hardened, his faith has grown cold, and he has turned away from God and His will. I Samuel 31 shows God’s final judgment of King Saul but leaves us with a hope...

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2019 Bible Reading 

 Gain insight and power to practically "Experience Faith" this year and rise to a new level in your walk with Christ. Follow along with the rest of the congregation as we follow a daily Bible reading calendar.




Stories from the people

Noel Irby

Here is the testimony of one of our members here at Faith, Noel Irby. Through this story, we see the faithfulness of our Lord and the effect of Christ's saving work in a believer's life

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Our Blog

Church Evaluation

Craig Lile | November 14, 2019

As another year winds down it is natural for a pastor to evaluate the state of the church at year’s end.  But Christ’s evaluation of a church exceeds all...

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Making God's Word Prominent in Our Homes

Beth Edfeldt | October 6, 2019

Recently, our youngest (adopted internationally 18 months ago), answered a question in a class at church. The teacher said, “How do we hear God?” He raised his...

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