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Latest Sermon

Christmas and Christ's Coming

Craig Lile | December 9, 2018

Life can tend to steal away our joy and gratitude toward Christ.  Christmas can especially bring out the melancholy in people, including Christians.  Maybe it would be good for us to stop a moment and consider what life would be like if...

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Upcoming Events

2018 Bible Reading and Prayer

 Gain insight and power to practically "Experience Faith" this year and rise to a new level in your walk with Christ. Follow along with the rest of the congregation as we follow a daily Bible reading and prayer calendar, both of which are on a quarterly Bible bookmark available at E3 Central in the Worship Center foyer.




Stories from the people

Noel Irby

Here is the testimony of one of our members here at Faith, Noel Irby. Through this story, we see the faithfulness of our Lord and the effect of Christ's saving work in a believer's life

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Our Blog

How Do I Teach My Children The Importance Of Living For Christ?

Beth Edfeldt | November 20, 2018

  It’s one of those days. There is no school; I have work, and currently I can hear my kids running through the halls of the church screaming. And as one kid...

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Developing Your Leadership

Jeff White | September 17, 2018

  Leadership is a word that is applied across many different areas. Children and teenagers can be leaders as well as older adults, and leadership exists in many...

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