Faith Family Ministry

Our Family Ministry is always at work to equip your family to experience faith
in your home and with our church.
At Faith, our events, activities, and programming is designed to engage children with the truth of the gospel. We believe it is best for children to participate in all of worship to see multiple generations, especially their own families, participate in corporate worship. Kids learn in various ways and one of those is observing and imitating others. Therefore, we invite children to join their parents or guardians in the sanctuary as our congregation gathers to Encounter God through music and the hearing of God's word through sermon. Children are invited to Experience God Together in age-appropriate classroom settings. 
A Word on Safety 
Safety is of the utmost importance in our ministry. It is required that every volunteer in our ministry undergo criminal background checks and receive a certification to serve by completing extensive child safety training. These safety practices and principles help establish an environment that children, parents, and volunteers are comfortable in so that children can hear the gospel and grow in God’s word.

FaithKidz Week Was a Success!

"Seek truth, find Jesus!" was  the motto for the week; and that is exactly what we did. We had several children come to faith in Jesus! Praise the Lord! We are so thankful for all the volunteers that made this week possible. We are also thankful to the children that participated and made this week so much fun! We are already looking forward to next year! 

Sunday & Wednesdays

Sunday School at 9:45 am

We welcome your children to our time of Sunday School. We seek for our kids to know the love of Jesus, to experience the love of Jesus, and to share the love of Jesus with others around them. Our teachers are prepared to teach God’s word using Lifeway’s Bible Studies for Life Curriculum.

Wednesday Night at 6:30 pm

Children are immersed in the gospel with story, theology, music, and a call to missions while they journey through the entire Bible. Children will have both large group time and small group time (based on grade) to experience God together using Lifeway's The Gospel Project.

Our Family Ministry Team.

Jo Ann Larimore

Families/Missions Ministry Assistant

Mandy Ratliff

Preschool/Children Director 

Adam Turnbo

Family Ministry Intern

Madi Smith

Family Ministry Intern

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