February 7, 2021 Service

Feb 7, 2021    Pastor Craig Lile

The early church was holy and set itself apart from the world and sin but the early church was often treated with contempt and persecution. Those who rejected Christ, His moral laws and His only way to salvation also rejected Christ’s followers in His church. In time the church and state were united under Constantine, which had a positive result of the world accepting the church. However, the negative result was that the door to the church accepting unregenerate members, the world and sin was opened. The church of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-29 represents churches today who profess love for Christ (loving and serving people) while also becoming apostate by abandoning the teachings given to the church through the Apostles and recorded in the Bible. What does Jesus say to the loving, but liberal, church of that day . . . and today?